Prioritize your tasks with python

Verfasst von Stephan Schielke

Veröffentlicht am 03.11.2015

Python task prioritizer

The task prioritizer calculates a fixed priority for your tasks by its urgence, impact and effort.

Priority 1 is the highest priority, priority 7 the lowest. The tool also gives you advice what to do with your tasks.

Python Shell


The tool needs an installed python in version 3.4 or higher. An installed python 2.7 with a backported Enum package is fine too.


Start the tool with the following command:


Or just visit and click run.


There are three factors which determine the priority of your task: URGENCE, IMPACT and EFFORT.


  • If the deadline is today the URGENCE should be HIGH
  • If the deadline is this week the URGENCE should be MEDIUM
  • If the deadline is further away the URGENCE should be LOW


  • If the task really changes things the IMPACT should be HIGH
  • If it is a routine task or nothing special the IMPACT should be NORMAL
  • For trivial tasks the IMPACT should be LOW


  • If the estimated time is higher than 40h, EFFORT should be HIGH
  • If the estimated time is around a day, EFFORT should be MEDIUM
  • If the estimated time lower than a day, EFFORT should be LOW